Create, maintain and evolution
of the content based websites and online stores.

Every successful company, like yours, should have website.

Well styled, comfortable for your customers, your website will be effective tool to achieve the goals of your business.

Our web studio can do best sites and one of them could be yours
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Why do you need web-site?

Place an order to create your customized web-site from NVK Agency – it is 100% guarantee of the best result in people visits to real business requests.
We can build for you web-site, what will help you:
Increase your sales

Increase your sales

with detailed information about unique products or services. Direct channel of communication with your customers to inform about new products and promotions.

Connection with the audience

Connection with the audience

Momentum feedback from your target audience. Quick access to the contact information – this is straight way to find your service and products in Internet.

Build and maintain the best image of your company.

Your company image

Build and maintain the best image of your company. Your current and potential customers will know your company very well.

Business evolution

Business evolution

You will be able to find more customers, partners and suppliers.

What we can do the best

NVK Agency specialized on web-development and offer full stack of services to build the best customized web-site, like information portal or online store.
Based on your requirements we will be happy to build solid and easy managed online tool to serve your current and future customers.
  • Unique graphic design
  • Landing page
  • Website as business card
  • Online store
  • Corporate portal
  • SEO audit

How it works

How it works

and planning

Define all needs of the main audience of the potential customers. Discuss results of the review with your requirements.

Plan of the site
and prototyping

Define structure of the information channels, describe the functionality and interfaces of the web-site.
Estimate level of accessibility and availability of the information, what will be presented on your web site.

Graphic design integration and programming


Design each pages of the site, based on per-defined requirements from you. As an option, to save your budget, we can recommend to buy already ready to use graphic design.

Graphic design integration
and programming

Developing back-end, the main core of the features, discussed during project design session. Integration together graphic design and back-end of your web-site. Functional and usability testing as the final stage of your web-site development process.

SEO audit

SEO audit

All web-site, developed by NVK Agency already has basic SEO optimization. Everything, what you have to do – put the right information to the right place on your web-site.
We will provide you admin-panel for this. And more over, we will teach you how to do this. From this point, your web-site is 100% under your control. You are the king!


NVK Agency provide additional service – Social Media Marketing. We can help you to organize business web page and group in social medias.

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